3D Printing Services

  • Custom 3D Modeling
  • Affordable 3D Printing
  • Sculptures and Unique Prints

Arcade Components

  • Custom Ball Tops and Handles
  • Laser Cut Dust Washers
  • Printed Graphics
  • Wood and Acrylic Frames

Rapid Prototyping

  • Full-stack Engineering Prototypes
  • Electro-mechanical Designs, IoT Devices
  • Firmware to Web Programming Proof-of-concepts

Rapid Prototyping

Digital Design

Depending on your needs we'll create the 2D vector drawings and design 3D models optimizing for the 3D printing process from the start. We can visualize exactly what you want before you order it.

3D Printing & Laser Cutting

There's almost no limit to what we can print or engrave! We use FDM technology and print in ABS plastic for the strongest parts possible, and use industrial CO2 lasers for consistent and repeatable engravings.

Web Programming

Have us code and host product customizers to show your clients. Give them a tool to pre-visualize their orders. Streamline your workflow by removing the need for a proof. Make it easy for your customers to know what options you offer.


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