Confused? So was I...

We build it all.

We build it all. is the web domain name I purchased in a hazy San Francisco bar late one night. It sounded funny. Years later, when it was time to name my future, I jokingly used ‘cuddleburrito’ because I already owned the domain. Over the years I came up with various stories to rationalize the decision:

  • My two favorite things
  • A product greater than the sum of its parts
  • The fact that it means nothing

To me it has become the constant reminder that names and classifications are not necessarily representations of reality. 

  • A fusion of ideologies wrapped in a technology-aluminum-foil wrapper.

Regardless of what we call ourselves actions speak louder than words. Cuddleburrito is just a lifestyle. A way to think of everyday as an opportunity to lend a hand and learn something along the way. There are low hanging fruit all around us and the internet has made them even easier to find. Maybe you know how to record music so you produce sounds effects for a stranger's WIP online game. Or you're a talented writer so you write your cousin's website introduction.  Adding value through self-improvement provides low-effort gain for you and high-reward results for others.

Years ago I built a pair of arcade controllers for the apartment I shared. I thought it would be fun and educational. One thing led to more arcade games, and we spent hundreds of hours playing new, old, classic, and console titles; some of the best years of my life. Fast-forward to the present and it's grown into the skill set to laser cut, 3D print, and program custom built electronics. Finding these low-hanging opportunities isn't always easy, but following these rules helps goad them out:

  • Practice candor; to yourself and others
  • Create comfort in your environment; ergonomically and emotionally
  • Understand the problem by being lucid and present in the enviornment

Fueled by creative energy, Cuddleburrito is a rapid prototyping shop like no other

At Cuddleburrito we crest the learning curve of digital manufacturing. From original design to small batch manufacturing, we strive to make your ideas a reality. Using decades of 2D and 3D graphic design experience, Cuddleburrito creates projects ranging from 3D printed sculptures to custom arcade gaming systems, and has a long history developing web applications tying it all together. Based in Silicon Valley, Cuddleburrito embraces the tech-sector's philosophy: "release early, release often." We believe in our users being a part of the creation process. 

Let's use technology to bring us closer together and celebrate what we’ve learned along the way.

By working together we can build things that are greater than the sum of their parts.