Arcade Project Frames

Laser cut to each project's needs


Digital First

Computers are really useful at verifying if designs work before actually making them. For this reason these arcade control frames are designed for laser cutting so that what's on screen is what ships to you. Whatever button layout you need, the laser cutter can trace out your vision. Interferences with internal components are easy to check and quick to rectify. Measuring in 3D saves a lot of annoyance later down the line. Investing early reaps dividends later.

Be part of the making process

Mounting holes, cooling vents, custom coin slot, etc. Let us know and we can 3D print from our growing library of CAD designs. Download our layout file to the right and check to see if your parts will fit.

Example custom hitbox layout

Example custom hitbox layout


Fightstick or Raspberry Pi project? We probably have a 3D printed accessory ready to match:

...or make a quick bracket. We just need to know the dimensions.

Virtually limitless possibilities

Acrylic or wood, etched or glossy, classic layout or custom setup. This arcade frame is YOUR arcade frame. Explain your vision and we'll work from there. Iteration is part of the process and we know to embrace it. Expedited options are available upon request.

Request Arcade Frame

  •  All frames are externally 14.5 x 9.75 x 3.375-inches ( l x w x h )
  • Custom Laser cut frame: $120-$200
  • All frames include clear acrylic top surfaces for graphics possibilities
  • Design free: $0 - $50
  • Shipping: $27 US Domestic
  • 1-2 week lead time
Button layout, joystick mounting holes, number of buttons on rear panel, etc
Please allow 1-2 days for a reply and a quote

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