Cuddleburrito Efficiency Upgrade

While we own our own 3d printer, we have to drive and pay to use TechShop's laser cutter. This is less than ideal especially when someone makes time in their schedule to work with us, and they go home with nothing because we need to reserve time on someone else's machine.

We are praying to raise $5600 for a desktop 20x12-inch laser cutter, with 80W laser. This would greatly increase our output while slashing the time it takes to turn your ideas into tangible objects. Moreover, some of our projects require thousands of parts which is difficult when we can only reserve the machine for 2 hours at a time.

Our reach goal is an Epilog Laser for $9,995 with comparable size and power. The reason for the upgrade is that Epilog lasers are better built resulting in improved quality and reliability. The lasers we use at TechShop are Epilogs and feel that as we grow, Epilog's are the natural choice to invest in.

Let us help you make something! We're REALLY good with turning designs into the laser cutting format! Donate and leave a note with something you want made with the laser cutter. When funded, we'll make as many of your ideas as possible!


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