Your Portable Arcade

GameThing is a portable arcade controller that works with the laptop you already own. It’s a simple way to enjoy the games you love just about anywhere. Traditional arcade cabinets are large, expensive, and often limit you to a single game. Computers make it possible to emulate classic games, but that usually means hours of setup, and a lackluster experience. Arcade games were designed for a joystick and buttons, and many more games can be made new with arcade controls!

GameThing gives you the arcade experience without the hassle.

Which Games Can I Play, and How Do I Get Them?

With GameThing, you can choose from literally thousands of classic and modern titles. Finding games is as easy as searching the internet. For links to games and more information, click the button below:

Why GameThing?

Because we want to play video games together. Modern games and consoles are great, but unless you’re playing online, it’s surprisingly difficult to sit down for a game. With all of the controllers, cables, and software updates, it becomes a real hassle. GameThing solves all of this by providing the controls you need, the software to get it running, and the portability to play anytime and anywhere.

We’re dedicated to improving and iterating the GameThing until we get it right. Please let us know if you have comments or suggestions.