A portable arcade

Play games anywhere

GameThing is a simple and easy way to enjoy the games you love just about anywhere. Traditional arcade cabinets are large, expensive, and often limit you to a single game. Computers and consoles make it possible to play classic games, but that usually means a lackluster "arcade experience." GameThing isn't just a game thing. GameThing is the customization, support, and experience of playing games together. Arcade games were designed for a joystick and buttons and we want to experience that with our friends and family!

Customization and options

Choose frame color, joystick color, button colors... let us know what you need and we can probably build it! Each GameThing is laser cut and hand assembled so we can iterate quickly to improve the product, meet our customer's needs, and offer an unprecedented amount of customizability. From the color of the frame, to the shape of the joystick, and whatever laser engravings you'd like, there are no limits to the look of your GameThing.

CustomizE everything: frame color, button colors and layout, joystick ball tops, engravings, etc.So many possibilities!


  • Minimalist Clean Design
  • Customizable Dimensions
  • A-la-carte ordering

Portable Arcade

  • Game anywhere using your laptop
  • Built-in laptop stand, straps, and handle
  • Controls for 2-Players


  • Full CAD design to your specifications
  • Possibilities include 3D modeling, custom graphics, and laser engravings

GameThing gives you the arcade experience without the hassle.

GameThing works with practically every computer. GameThing acts like a keyboard so there are no drivers and it works on both Macs and PCs! Simply connect the USB (or even the PS/2 for older machines) and play!

GameThing is the first of its kind. Designed entirely for digital manufacturing processes to offer you limitless personalization. Own one of the first-ever portable arcade game consoles. Conceived, designed, and built with lasers in Silicon Valley