Knights vs Zombies

Use the arrow keys, 'x' and 'c' to run, jump, and defend yourself. Defeat all the zombies. Programmed using Impact.js

Why? We want to play games without hassle. That’s why we’re making games that run directly in your web browser without plugins or installs. When you plug-in a GameThing, 2 players can immediately play together against the Zombie horde. We had trouble finding many local multiplayer games and even less with co-operative gameplay, so we decided to make our own. GameThing is about playing games with people, and Knights vs. Zombies explores this idea. Specifically: how much time can you save by doing things together. How fast can you and your Player 2 defeat all the zombies? ( Our fastest is 9.58s )

HTML5 PAC-MAN for GameThing

This open-source PAC-MAN clone was used to run two instances simultaneously. When this project started the goal was to have eaten ghosts spawn on the other player’s screen. The idea was to change up the strategy and gameplay of a classic title as well as inspire what was possible with HTML5 games. Even though it was never implemented, enjoying PAC-MAN side-by-side is a treat in itself.

We found an open source HTML version of PAC-MAN, edited it to support 2 instances running simultaneously, and bound the default controls to GameThing. Now, PAC-MAN is plug-and-play ready with 2 player support for GameThing.
Writing custom or entirely new games for GameThing is that easy with the power of HTML5 and modern web browsers. Find out more of what's possible by clicking one of the banners below: