3D Printed Spaceships

Printed in ABS plastic on Up! Plus. Some space ships were downloaded and optimized for 3D printing, most were scratch made in Soliworks or Blender

Axiom from Wall-E

Altares from Space:1999

Superswift from Space:1999

Swift from Space:1999

Ebon Hawk from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Red Dwarf from Red Dwarf

Tie Fighter from Star Wars

Untitled Space Plane from Kerbal Space Program

SDF-3 from Robotech

Type S Scout from Freelancer

Voyager from Star Trek

Tokugawa Retrofit from Robotech

Tokugawa from Robotech

Tristar, Banshee, and Battleclass from Robotech

Variety from Kerbal Space Program and Firefly